Bulk Beef: Grass Fed Sixteenth Beeves

Here you'll find the highest discount we offer anywhere on the Alderspring store!

We've designed these 16th beef options to help you fill your freezer while saving big on our beef at 20% off!

How it works: We simply split an entire beef into 16 individual bundles, and we make those bundles varied so you can select exactly the one that works for you!

All sixteenths are from 100% grass fed & finished animals that were finished on organic Alderspring pastures. Please note that these are NOT certified organic. These beeves are cattle that we purchased as 100% grass fed yearlings from neighbors that we trust. No hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics, and grazed for at MINIMUM 1 year by us on our certified organic pastures. Because we're unable to certify these as organic, you have an opportunity to capture the highest savings we offer and save 20% off our normal rates.