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Dear Friends, 

This coming Monday we honor those who served unselfishly. I recall when I was a young boy that my folks called it "Decoration Day." It was the one day of the year that people stopped what they were doing and decorated the graves of those who fought and were fallen. My Dad, a Marine, vividly recalled those companions that he fought with that perished, so the day had obvious meaning for him. He carried his own hand grenade wounds that were bared to the sun and all of us--they marked his back whenever we went to the beach. He wasn't cognizant of our noticing them, and he never drew people to look at the subtle marks. He, I think, would just as soon forget if he could. It's all the more reason we must never forget.

Introducing 2 New Sampler Packages!

Back by popular demand, we are offering introductory packages back Alderspring's offerings. We've put together two of them crafted to match what we most often see in orders. Wondering what to order? These packages will get you started down the road in good stead with a beautiful wild-raised protein on wonderfully diverse certified grasslands.
The Pastured Pork & Beef Intro Sampler Package
The Pork & Beef Intro Sampler
The Simply Beef Alderspring Intro Sampler
The Beef Intro Sampler