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You longtime newsletter readers know that sixteenths give you the highest discount we offer anywhere on the web store. At 20-25% off a la carte rates, sixteenths are a great way for you to fill your freezer on a budget. How it works: We simply split an entire beef into 16 individual bundles, and we make those bundles varied so you can select exactly the one that works for you! Becuase we sold out last week, you can save an extra 5% by putting "kelseysale5" in the notes section of your order.

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This Week's Featured Cuts

Welcome February by refreshing your table with these savings! Get 15% off pork shoulder roasts, tenderloin ends, magnum fatty ground, and chuck roasts!


The coupon code is "WELCOMEFEB" and it ends Sunday at midnight.

Alderspring Ranch Regenerative Organic Grass Fed Beef Sliced Summer Sausage 1

Grass Fed Organic SLICED Summer Sausage 8 oz

WEEKEND FLASH Save 15% on sliced summer sausage. This is a pre-sliced, fresh tasting summer sausage that will complement any cheese or light meal fare. It's a perfect grass fed organic lunch meat, or even fried for breakfast in a little oil. It's also mild. Use code "WELCOMEFEB."
Beef and Pastured Pork Chorizo Sausage

Beef and Pastured Pork Chorizo Sausage

WEEKEND FLASH - Save 15%. Ok, we're going to put this small fact out there first: this sausage is a barn burner. Turns out beef AND pork together work wonders. But if you don't like hot, move on to milder options. Get 15% off with code "WELCOMEFEB".
Alderspring Ranch Organic Grass Fed Beef Chorizo Sausage 1

Grass Fed Organic Beef Sausage Chorizo

WEEKEND FLASH Save 15% on our beef chorizo sausage. This sausage packs both heat and flavor. We like it in a tortilla with some sour cream and guac. Use code "WELCOMEFEB" at checkout to save 15% until Sunday at midnight.
Alderspring Ranch Organic Grass Fed Beef Garlic Sausage 1

Grass Fed Organic Beef Sausage Garlic

WEEKEND FLASH - Get 15% off our beef garlic sausage. Full flavored, but not overwhelming or hot, this dog is perfect on plate, bun or even tortilla. Use code "WELCOMEFEB" good until Sunday at midnight.
Pastured Pork Shoulder Roast

Pastured Pork Shoulder Roast

From Abby and Ethan's (our daughter and son-in-law) pasture-raised pork. This family-sized roast with its cap of creamy fat has been a classic for decades. Perfect for pulled pork, carnitas, or slow-cooked in the oven. We have roasts from 2-5lbs available - choose your preference! Get 15% off with "WELCOMEFEB".
Organic Grass Fed Tenderloin Steak Ends

Organic Grass Fed Tenderloin Steak Ends

We cut these beauties off either end of the tenderloin. They don't have perfect shape, but still pack the undeniable flavor and of the tenderloin at a fraction of the price. Limit to 5 sets per order so all can enjoy! Save 15% until Sunday with "WELCOMEFEB" at checkout.
Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef 2

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef

Save 15% and stock your freezer with our fattiest grind. At 75% lean, this is the key to all those hearty ground meals. Cook up some chili and corn bread, tacos, or whatever your heart desires with some of the best ground beef on the planet. Use code "WELCOMEFEB."
Organic Grass Fed Beef Chuck Roast 1

Organic Grass Fed Chuck Roast

This winter weather isn't ending. The solution: hot chuck roast in the slow cooker. Cook it low and slow in a roaster or slow cooker with some potatoes and carrots and say hello to those warm hearty aromas. Save 15 until Sunday with code "WELCOMEFEB".