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We have a few restocks for you this week. Please be patient as we are keeping up with demand to the best of our ability. Thank you for your orders!


Organic pasture butter "bitterroot gold", cultured, approx 1 lb. This is for you butter in coffee, or bulletproof folks! This butter is delivered frozen. Don't worry, this has no impact on flavor or texture! Click below for "Details" to learn about Ernie and Jen, the producers of your butter, and the attributes that make Lifeline butter stand out from the crowd as truly the best in pastured organic butter!

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Plain Jane and honey jerky

Frankly, this is the best dang jerky we have ever had, with a super simple ingredient list, and no liquid smoke or weird stuff that the other jerkys have in them like MSG, soy or nitrates/nitrites. And the coolest thing of all? It's made of 100% Alderspring grass fed organic beef. I'm not talking cull cows, either. Our jerky is ONLY made from London broils, eye of Rounds, top sirloins and sirloin tips from only our young organic beeves that we cut NYs and ribeyes from.

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You longtime newsletter readers know that sixteenths give you the one of the best deals we offer on the web store. At 20-25% off a la carte rates, these bundles fill your freezer on a budget. How it works: We simply split an entire beef into 16 individual bundles, and we make those bundles varied so you can select exactly the one that works for you!



This boneless and rolled organic grass fed chuck roast has the robust flavor typical of the chuck. Excellent in the oven as a pot roast, we have also had success smoking/slow-cooking this over applewood on the grill for an extended period.

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This Week's Featured Cuts

We have some great coupon cuts for you this week! Get 15% off fatty ground, individual rump roasts, ground round, flap steaks, flank steaks, and flatirons! The coupon code is "HEYJUNE" and it's good through Sunday at midnight.


Alderspring Ranch Regenerative Organic Grass Fed Beef Family Pack 6

Roast & Ground Stock Up Package

Weekend Flash! This is simply 20 lbs of Alderspring organic grass fed roasts and ground beef to stock up your freezer (and at 5% off our a la carte rates)! Save 15% with code "HEYJUNE".
Organic Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Tip Kabobs 1

Organic Grass Fed Sirloin Tip Kabobs

These delicious organic grass fed kabob chunks are cut from sirloin tip steaks, a cut that lends itself very well to marinating. Skewer them and throw them on the grill for a delicious appetizer. Save 15% with code "HEYJUNE".
Organic Grass Fed Beef Oxtail 1

Organic Grass Fed Oxtail

Weekend flash on oxtail AND osso buco. Our organic grass fed oxtails have a rich beefy flavor, and also bring some healthy bone broth benefits to your stew! Osso on the sale too, just search "osso buco" in the store and you'll see it! Use code "HEYJUNE" for 15 off.
Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef 2

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef

Just the fatty grind on sale this week. It's about 80% lean, and great for recipes that could use some extra moisture. Get 15% off fattier ground until Sunday at midnight with code "HEYJUNE".
Organic Grass Fed Beef Ground Round 1

Organic Grass Fed Extra Lean Ground Round

This is ground beef made from one of the leanest cuts of beef - the round. It's 97% or more lean, even leaner than bison. Save 15% until Sunday at midnight with code "HEYJUNE" .
Organic Grass Fed Beef Rump Roast 1

Organic Grass Fed Rump Roast


This boneless, rolled and tied roast is perfect for pot roasting and brings some excellent robust flavor to the table....

Organic Grass Fed Flatiron Steak 2+ lbs

Organic Grass Fed Flatiron Steak 2+ lbs

Our organic grass fed flatiron steaks are like a flank steak but with even more flavor! These thinner, long steaks are the perfect quick pan-fry or grill steak (no marinade needed, just a little salt and pepper). Use code "HEYJUNE" for 15% off until Sunday at midnight.
Organic Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Flap Blade Steak 1

Organic Grass Fed Sirloin Flap (Blade) Steak, 4 lbs

Our organic grass fed sirloin flap steaks (also called the blade steak) resemble a skirt steak in grain and consistency. These are beauties when marinated and then grilled, or even plain with just a bit of salt and pepper. Save 15% until Sunday at midnight using the coupon code "HEYJUNE".
Organic Grass Fed Beef Flank Steak 1

Organic Grass Fed Flank Steak (3 lbs)

This very flavorful steak grills quickly and retains moisture, as the grain runs the length of the steak. When the flank is done, carve it in strips at an angle across the grain. Save 15% until Sunday at midnight with code "HEYJUNE".