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Dear Friends

It's that time of the year when the heat and those long days in the saddle tend to wear the crew a bit thin. But the cattle will soon come home from the range to beautiful green pastures here on the home ranch. Knowing that time on the range is coming to an end, we're all pushing through the exhaustion to savor these last few weeks. We all know that in a month or two, sore muscles will be a distant memory. We'll recall only the clear night skies, camp dinners, and high timber meadows, and we'll miss it.

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Shipping is back to normal this week! Our freezer is now running extra cold this week to ship frozen to you far away summer heat zones!

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Introducing two New Sampler Packages!

Back by popular demand, we are offering introductory packages back Alderspring's offerings. We've put together two of them crafted to match what we most often see in orders. Wondering what to order? These packages will get you started down the road in good stead with a beautiful wild-raised protein on wonderfully diverse certified organic grasslands while saving you money off a la carte pricing.
The Pastured Pork & Beef Intro Sampler Package
The Pork & Beef Intro Sampler
The Simply Beef Alderspring Intro Sampler
The Beef Intro Sampler