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Dear Friends

September signals the changing of seasons. We saw it yesterday in full force when we drove the 47 miles into Salmon. Along the entirety of the winding highway adjacent to the Salmon river, bright green leaves are giving way to vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. 

We've had a few nights now which brought frost, and a couple dustings of snow on the peaks that border the valley on either side. The beeves thrive this time of year, grazing alfalfa under our watchful eye; it is the sort of forage that must be carefully managed to avoid bloat.

Until later in the week, take part in some savory September savings below!

This week's coupon cuts: 20% off magnum fatty ground, New York Strips, Italian beef sausage and Italian pork sausage, and ALL roasts!

You can also SAVE AN EXTRA 5% on sixteenths again this week! They're already discounted 15-20% off normal rates, so this is another 5% on top of that.


Next shipping day is October 3, 2022. Order deadline is October 2 at midnight.

Introducing two New Sampler Packages!

Back by popular demand, we are offering introductory packages back Alderspring's offerings. We've put together two of them crafted to match what we most often see in orders. Wondering what to order? These packages will get you started down the road in good stead with a beautiful wild-raised protein on wonderfully diverse certified organic grasslands while saving you money off a la carte pricing.
The Pastured Pork & Beef Intro Sampler Package
The Pork & Beef Intro Sampler
The Simply Beef Alderspring Intro Sampler
The Beef Intro Sampler