Bulk Beef: Grass Fed Sixteenth Beeves

Here you'll find the highest discount we offer anywhere on the Alderspring store! PLEASE READ details below before purchasing!

We've designed these 16th beef options to help you fill your freezer while saving big on our beef at 25% off!

How it works: We simply split an entire beef into 16 individual bundles, and we make those bundles varied so you can select exactly the one that works for you!

PLEASE READ: All sixteenths are from 100% grass fed & finished animals that were finished on organic Alderspring pastures. Please note that these bundles are NOT certified organic. Please read details below before purchasing! Here are the complete details on this beef! Questions? Email help[at]alderspring[dot]com.

The bulk beef offerings on this page are from cattle that we purchased as 100% grass fed yearlings or weaned calves from neighbors that we trust that live down the road from us. Our neighbors are not certified organic, but they use no GMOs and give no hormones or antibiotics to these cattle. Their cattle all live on open pasture and are never fed any grain. After coming to our ranch as calves or yearlings, these cattle are raised and grazed alongside our certified organic cattle under certified organic standards for at minimum 1 year (usually 2). We treat them no differently than our certified organic cattle in any way. This beef is all processed at the same small-scale butcher as our organic beef under organic inspection standards. It is packaged and cut in the same way as our organic cuts. The only difference is that we use a simple bulk white label on these packages to differentiate it from the beef that is certified organic. This is because our regular label has the "USDA organic" stamp on it and it would be illegal for us to use that label on beef that cannot be certified organic under USDA's standards.

This is beef we ourselves feel very comfortable eating (in fact, we sample a steak from each one)! There is no difference between this beef and our certified organic beef when it comes to tenderness, flavor, and cleanliness from chemicals or other artificial inputs. However, our neighbors are not certified organic, and because these cattle were born on their pastures instead of ours, we are unable to certify this beef as organic under USDA's organic regulations. The result is that you have an opportunity to save on that organic premium and capture the highest savings we offer anywhere on our website...these bulk packages are priced at 25% off our normal rates.

Prefer to buy only certified organic? That's fine! This page is the ONLY page on our website where non-certified beef is ever listed. We will NEVER list non-certified beef anywhere else on our website. Every other page or beef product listing on our website will always be certified organic only.