Heritage Pasture Raised Pork

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This pastured pork is raised by Abby, our daughter, and her husband Ethan right here on Alderspring’s pristine Idaho pastures. Here's their protocol: 
  • Free choice pasture. These pastured pigs are raised on grass pastures from weanling stage to finish and moved to a new paddock every week (yes, these are pigs that don’t live in mud)!
  • Fed corn and soy-free feed. Along with Alderspring diverse grasses, Abby and Ethan’s pigs enjoy a supplemental diet of local wheat and peas, Ethan's milk from his dairy cows here at Alderspring, and a mineral supplement. 
  • Processed in a small USDA facility. These pigs are humanely processed at the same small-scale artisanal facility that processes Alderspring beef.
  • Heritage pork. These are heritage pork genetics that produce better flavor and have more desire to graze.
  • Leave no trace portability. Our entire pig operation is moved frequently, so it’s completely portable and leaves no trace except for increased soil fertility and slightly pig-tilled earth.
  • Completely traceable. You can rest assured that your pastured pork was raised right here on Alderspring Ranch by Abby and Ethan Kelly. Each package of pork is traceable to a single animal.

Note: Pork is available seasonally since Abby and Ethan raise their pork on green pastures only and not during the winter months. Once it runs out, it will be restocked again Fall 2023!