Alderspring Ranch Mercantile & Leather Gear

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Meet the Craftsman

All of our leather gear is made by Ethan Kelly, our son-in-law, in his leather shop near the ranch. He handcrafts each individual item.

Ethan makes much of the leather gear we use here at the ranch, from chaps to bridles for our horses. This is gear designed to last and hold up to hard use. 

Now, you can use it too. 

The Process

Ethan uses a wide variety of hand tools to shape and stitch the leather. Each of the tools you see in this photo has a purpose in crafting a finely made leather wallet, belt, or bag.

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Find more on Ethan's website

We list just a few of Ethan's products below, primarily his wallets. If you are looking to shop the wider range of leather gear he offers, however, including bags, belts, custom products, and more, click below.

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Alderspring Ranch Mercantile

Find more on Ethan's storefront