Organic Grass Fed Tenderloin Roast, Whole

Alderspring Ranch

Organic Grass Fed Tenderloin Roast, Whole

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The Whole Tenderloin Roast. It could be called pastured perfection from a tenderness standpoint. This offering is a trimmed certified organic grass fed tenderloin roast.  We have trimmed the small tapered ends off of these roasts leaving you with a beautiful 12 to 15 inch long roast. There may be some silver to remove, but this is why we offer it at more than 10% off the filet mignon per pound price.

This roast is perfect for the holiday table, and made even better because it was raised on wild Alderspring in some of the most pristine mountain country in North America.

We price these at 10% less than the price per lb of our filet mignon steaks. Limit four  per order, please, as this is a rare Alderspring offering that comes only once per year! Note: Weight varies a little, so we'll charge you for the highest weight specified on the option you selected, then refund you the difference if the weight is less than the highest specified weight.