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    Next shipping day is Monday, December 20th! Yep, just orders from you close Idaho, Montana, and Utah customers can still ship out on the 20th!

    If you're from Idaho, Utah, or Montana, ignore the announcement on the top of the store saying we won't ship until the 27th...we're still shipping to just these three states this week!

    All Lifeline Cheeses!

    Find that Lifeline Cheese here!

    The Big Ribeye

    find those 20 oz ribeyes here!

    Introducing 2 New Sampler Packages!

    Back by popular demand, we are offering introductory packages back Alderspring's offerings. We've put together two of them crafted to match what we most often see in orders. Wondering what to order? These packages will get you started down the road in good stead with a beautiful wild-raised protein on wonderfully diverse certified grasslands.
    The Pastured Pork & Beef Intro Sampler Package
    The Pork & Beef Intro Sampler
    The Simply Beef Alderspring Intro Sampler
    The Beef Intro Sampler