Wild Hunter Blend (Organ Meats + Ground)

Alderspring Ranch

Wild Hunter Blend (Organ Meats + Ground)

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1 package of our Wild Hunter Blend. Made from 90% assorted beef cuts and 10% offal (heart & liver). Certified organic, grass fed, USDA inspected. This is a 12 oz package of our raw Wild Hunter beef blend, ziploc resealable with an easy tear opening.

We initially designed this blend for our pets in order to mimic the way wild hunters (wild dogs and cats) consume the "whole animal" of their prey. But the same was true for our ancestors who hunted for their food. In fact, the organ meats were often considered the best part of the animal in historic hunter-gatherer cultures.

If you would like to incorporate "whole animal" nutrition into your (or your pets') diet, look no further than this blend. It is 89% Alderspring ground beef (the same as our regular ground beef), and 2% blend of beef liver, 8% heart, and 1% kindey. All is certified organic and the exact same young, healthy grass fed beeves we cut our steaks from!

Do note that this blend has a slightly "gamey" flavor. Mix in a little seasoning if you would prefer to mask this taste. Otherwise, cook this just as you would cook typical ground beef.