Alderspring 100% Grass Fed Quarter Beef
Alderspring 100% Grass Fed Quarter Beef
Alderspring 100% Grass Fed Quarter Beef

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Alderspring 100% Grass Fed Quarter Beef

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This is a non-organic 100% grass fed beef from Alderspring's wild pastures. This package is comprised of an actual quarter of a beef, and can provide a savings of 50% off a la carte prices found on the webstore. This is the biggest savings we offer anywhere.

All beef in your quarter comes cut, frozen and individually vacuum-packaged. Details on exact cuts can be found at bottom.

Full disclosure statement on this beef: Please read! This particular beef, although 100% organic in origin, received a single course of antibiotics for a case of pneumonia as a calf. This was on April 26, 2021 (almost 2 years ago). After receiving that single dose of antibiotics, the steer remained on 100% certified organic pastures, grazing on both our wild mountain rangeland forages and on the home ranch on certified organic hay and pastures.  He was on our certified organic grass pastures for all of his life and never was confined in a feedlot. Because of that single dose of antibiotics 2 years ago, however, this steer was no longer certified organic. As a result, you can capture big savings here!

Note on antibiotic use: The US FDA allows animals treated with the antibiotic we used back in the food supply chain in 28 days. Their research finds no residue in the animal tissue past that 28 day point. We've waited 23x the recommended withdrawal period. As a result, we have absolutely no problem enjoying beef from a steer like this for our own table (we eat mostly organic food at home, either that we raise or purchase). Indeed, we tested a steak from this beef just this week (results below)!

The antibiotic used is not in any way produced through the use of mRNA technology.

Steak review and testing information: This is a nice beef. We tested a single NY strip, pan fried in butter to medium rare for a 5 person steak panel test. Tenderness was  moderate at an 8.3 (tenderness of 9+ cuts with a fork; below 8.5 cuts easily with a steak knife; tenderness below 7 is where you want to be done chewing but can't) 

Flavor was a very high 9.1. This is a highly marbled beef, and is atypical for what many people call grass-fed (see actual steak pictures from this beef. All of the New Yorks and Ribeyes in this beef resemble the steaks pictured). USDA would likely grade this beef high choice to USDA prime. This is not from an older cow (nor are our beeves ever); it is a 2-year old, coming 3 steer harvested at prime age for flavor development. NY strip rind (fat cap) tested with no-off flavors (this is the typical "wonky" flavor that is found even in many corn-fed beeves that is off-putting. The rind on this beef is very consistent with the lean portion of the steak and bears a nutty, buttery flavor.

Included in each quarter beef: 64 lbs of ground beef and 79-83 lbs of "mixed cuts." Mixed cuts include:

-15-20 lbs of "nice steaks" including ribeyes, new yorks, delmonicos, tenderloins, top sirloin, skirt steaks, flatirons, flank steaks, and flap steaks.

-15-20lbs of London Broils and Sirloin Tips

-15-20 lbs of roasts

-15-20 lbs of bone in cuts including bones, osso bucos, ribs, and short ribs

- 5-10 lbs of stew beef


Note that there is variation in exactly what you'll get, but you'll get a range of cuts similar to what you see pictured. The ribeyes and New Yorks you see pictured are ACTUAL steaks from this beef. As you can see, this is a very nicely marbled beef!