Alderspring 100% Grass Fed Quarter Beef (not Certified Organic)
Alderspring 100% Grass Fed Quarter Beef (not Certified Organic)

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Alderspring 100% Grass Fed Quarter Beef (not Certified Organic)

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Note: Our quarters are only available every 2-3 months! Please read full disclosure statement below before purchasing! The description below applies to THIS SPECIFIC BEEF.

This is a non-organic 100% grass fed beef from Alderspring's wild pastures. This package is comprised of an actual quarter of a beef, and can provide a savings of 50% off a la carte prices found on the webstore. This is the biggest savings we offer anywhere. This quarter is priced at $10.90 per lb.

All beef in your quarter comes cut, frozen and individually vacuum-packaged. Details on exact cuts can be found at the bottom. All beef is packaged with a simple white label. This is to differentiate it from our certified organic beef. Since this beef is not certified organic, we cannot use our regular label with the certified organic icon on it. The beef is aged, cut and packaged in the same way as our certified organic beef and under the same inspection standards. The only difference in packaging is in the label used.

Full disclosure statement on this particular beef: Please read! This particular heifer was certified organic until August 2022, when we had to administer the antibiotic LA-200, which is not permitted under organic certification standards. We always treat a sick animal when using an antibiotic is the right thing to do for that animal, but it does mean that animal is no longer certified organic. LA-200, under FDA guidelines, has a withdrawal period of 28 days (the FDA has run tests showing that the antibiotic does not remain in the animal's system after 28 days and beef from that animal is legally saleable after that period). We waited until April 2024. During that time, this heifer grazed our certified organic pastures and was treated no differently than any of our certified organic cattle. This beef is 100% grass-fed and finished (this heifer was never fed grain and lived its entire life on pasture).

Steak review, tenderness, and testing information PLEASE READ: This beef is a nicely marbled beef (see ribeye photo of samples from this beef. All quarters come with ribeyes, New Yorks, and other steaks)!

Tenderness was good at an 8.5 (tenderness of 9+ cuts with a fork; below 8.5 cuts easily with a steak knife; tenderness below 7 is where you want to be done chewing but can't) 

Flavor was excellent and robust at a 9.

Marbling was a 8.5 out of 10. USDA would likely grade this beef as Prime.

NY strip rind (fat cap) tested with no-off flavors (this is the typical "wonky" flavor that is found even in many corn-fed beeves that is off-putting). The rind on this beef is very consistent with the lean portion of the steak and bears a nutty, buttery flavor. We actually find that that melt-in-your-mouth rind is one of our favorite parts of the steak!

Included in each quarter beef: 50 lbs of ground beef, an average of around 57 lbs of "mixed cuts," and 5 lbs of broth bones. Exact weights of mixed cuts are listed in each quarter beef option; you only ever pay for the exact weight you get. Bones weight is NOT included in mixed cuts weight listed. Let us know in the order comments if you would like knuckle/broth bones left out and we will refund you $25. 

Here's a general list of the "mixed cuts" you'll get:

-10-15 lbs of "nice steaks" including ribeyes, new yorks, delmonicos, tenderloins, top sirloin, skirt steaks, flatirons, flank steaks, and flap steaks.

-8-15 lbs of London Broils and Sirloin Tips

-10-20 lbs of roasts (may include briskets, eye of round, chuck roast, rump roast, tri tip. We can't guarantee which roasts you'll get, but you will get a mix of these).

-2-5 lbs of bone in cuts including knuckle bones and ribs

- 5-10 lbs of stew beef


Note that there is variation in exactly what you'll get, but you'll get a range of cuts similar to what you see pictured in the second photo.