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Alderspring Ranch Organic Grass Fed Beef Bratwurst Sausage 1

Alderspring Ranch

Grass Fed Organic Beef Sausage Bratwurst

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Fiery dog this is not, but it is full flavored and lovely on a nice piece of rye with a living saurkraut. This Bratwurst recipe is based on a traditional Bavarian recipe from the Franconian area of Germany. If the sheer longevity of a recipe has anything to do with greatness, this sausage wins, as the first recorded reference to Bratwurst was in the year 1313. Beer, as you may have guessed is a natural complement for this sausage, and performs the very best grilled.

This is a fresh sausage, and is not pre-cooked. Comes in a 1 lb, 4 dog pack, vacuum sealed.

Ingredients: Alderspring organic grass fed beef, water, salt, lemon juice, garlic, and onion powder, packed in a hog casing that meets organic standards.