Alderspring Ranch Regenerative Organic Grass Fed Beef Corned Brisket Roast 2

Alderspring Ranch

Organic Grass Fed Corned Beef Brisket Roast

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This is an old-style, whole corned beef organic grass fed brisket. Perfect sliced up on a sandwich, served on a cheese plate, or served as the classic corned beef and cabbage. This roast is uncooked and brined, so it's ready for your dutch over or crock pot, or boiled as the Irish do in traditional corned beef recipes.

Comes vacuum packed, individually wrapped. Brined but uncooked. Made from all organic ingredients by our artisanal butcher. Because of weight variation, we'll refund you the difference if actual weight is less than the maximum weight of the option you selected.

Ingredients: Alderspring organic beef, water, sugar, sea salt, granulated garlic and celery juice powder.