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Grass Fed Organic Bones

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Want to warm up your kitchen with some delicious beefy grass fed organic bone broth simmering on the stove? Most days, especially in the winter, we have a big pot of healthy organic bone broth on the stove. Great for those on the GAP, WAP, Paleo, AIP, or Keto diets! We have a hard time keeping these bones in stock because they are some of the cleanest bones you'll find anywhere. Discerning buyers know that conventionally-raised bones tend to store harmful toxins like pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. Due to our organic procedures and clean pastures (some of which have never even been farmed), you can enjoy these with confidence that they bring all the health benefits without the nasty chemicals!

These also make a great treat for your dog!

Comes in a paper-wrapped 5 lb package, consisting of of knuckle and marrow bones. (yes, we've changed this, it's no longer in boxes)!

ï»Note that we do have an ordering limit ï»(to spread out the broth!) of three packages per order, please!)

Not sure how to make bone broth? It's really easy, and can save you money over buying pre-made grass fed organic bone broth! A 5-lb package of our bones makes about 15 cups. Here's our method for making bone broth.