Organic Grass Fed Rack of Lamb
Organic Grass Fed Rack of Lamb

Alderspring Ranch Provisions

Organic Grass Fed Rack of Lamb

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Our rack of lamb is incredibly tender and delicious, and the elegantly frenched bones make a beautiful presentation. This is the ribeye steak of lamb, and it brings the same tenderness and flavor.

Approximately 1-1.3 lbs each.

Note on sizing: we specify a size range (1-1.3 lbs) because each cut varies a bit in size. We'll initially charge you for the highest weight (1.3 lbs), then if you get anything under that weight we'll refund you the difference after the order ships.

Carefully wrapped in paper due to the bone edge exposure in the protruding ribs that may cause vacuum compromise. Limit 1 per order, please.