Organic Grass Fed Delmonico Steak

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Organic Grass Fed Delmonico Steak

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Our new dry-aged organic grass fed Delmonico Steak comes from the narrow margin between where the chuck ends and the ribeye begins. We believe this is the true beef lover's steak: it borrows tenderness from the ribeye while bringing a lot of the wonderful intense beef flavor you'll find in the chuck.

We only get 2 of these per side of beef. We've named the cut that coms from adjacent to the ribeye "´The King" Delmonico, as it has more ribeye-comparable tenderness along with some chuck flavor. "´The Jack" comes from just next to the chuck. It isn't as tender, but is more robust in the flavor that you'll find in a chuck, with slightly more fat marbling. The first two images shown here are of "The King," the last four are "The Jack."

Each steak comes individually vacuum packed. "´The Jack" is 14 oz, "´The King" 16 oz. Due to some natural variation in size, we'll refund you if the actual steak is a little under that weight. This is a dry-aged steak, grass fed and certified organic.

See Glenn's delmonico cooking video below!