Organic Grass Fed Delmonico Steak

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Organic Grass Fed Delmonico Steak

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Our dry-aged organic grass fed Delmonico Steak comes from the narrow margin between where the chuck ends and the ribeye begins. We believe this is the true beef lover's steak: it borrows tenderness from the ribeye while bringing a lot of the wonderful intense beef flavor you'll find in the chuck.

We only get 2 of these per side of beef. We've named the cut that coms from adjacent to the ribeye "The King" Delmonico, as it has more ribeye-comparable tenderness along with some chuck flavor. "The Jack" comes from just next to the chuck. It isn't as tender, but is more robust in the flavor that you'll find in a chuck, with slightly more fat marbling. The first two images shown here are of "The King," the last four are "The Jack."

Each steak comes individually vacuum packed. "The Jack" & "The King" are now both 18 oz. Due to some natural variation in size, we'll refund you if the actual steak is a little under that weight. This is a dry-aged steak, grass fed and certified organic.

See Glenn's Delmonico cooking video below!