Lifeline Organic Pastured Butter (Cultured)
Lifeline Organic Pastured Butter (Cultured)
Lifeline Farms Organic Cultured Butter 5


Lifeline Organic Pastured Butter (Cultured)

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Organic pasture butter "bitterroot gold", cultured, approx 1 lb. This is for you butter in coffee, or bulletproof folks! Limit only 5 lbs per weekly order! Spread the happiness!

This butter is delivered frozen. Don't worry, this has no impact on flavor or texture! In fact, most butters you'll find at the grocery store have been shipped frozen and were thawed to fridge temps upon reaching the store. To thaw, just place in your refrigerator for a day or two to allow for gradual defrosting. 

Click below for "Details" to learn about Ernie and Jen, the producers of your butter, and the attributes that make Lifeline butter stand out from the crowd as truly the best in pastured organic butter!