Family Freezer Filler Steak Special
Family Freezer Filler Steak Special

Alderspring Ranch Provisions

Family Freezer Filler Steak Special

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This steak package is a spin-off of the very popular 3F (Family Freezer Filler), a package we only rarely now have in stock. This is your chance to get a selection of Alderspring at a steep discount.  The package includes 6 pounds of our grass fed organic ground beef, with the remainder a selection of grass fed organic steaks.

This is the exact same certified organic/grass fed beef as our regular beef, but these are cuts that are slightly imperfect (hence savings for you!). This might include imperfect cutting, not enough marbling to sell as a premium cut, occasional packaging problems, etc.  15 lbs total, boneless cuts only.

Package includes:
6 lbs ground beef
6 steaks from the NY, ribeye, tenderloin and Delmonico family. Again, imperfect, but good!
2-4 Sirloin steaks
The rest will be flat steaks such as skirt, flap, flat iron, flank.