Pasture Raised Chicken & Turkey

NOTICE; Growing great poultry takes time! We're currently waiting for those birds to be ready...chicken will likely be restocked in October. Bird flu has reduced egg supply with our hatchery, and as a result we are far behind.

We're sorry for the inconvenience for you chicken lovers!

All of our offered pastured chicken (except the turkey--see turkey product for details) was raised with care in Idaho's Treasure Valley (near Boise), just several hours south of Alderspring Ranch by Josiah Barrett, longtime former Alderspring employee, who has started his own small farm raising pastured birds (his growing season is several months longer than our own high altitude season). 

The real game changer for us regarding Josiah's birds is that he owns and operates his very own small USDA chicken processing facility. It is most likely one of the smallest USDA plants in the world. What that means is his birds are hand-processed by him and his team for absolute integrity under the watchful eye of a full time USDA inspector. We think it is some of the cleanest bird in the business!

Chicken lovers, note that these are not like those Cornish-cross birds you see in supermarkets. The first thing you'll note is the color. They are not the pasty white flesh you'll see in the Kroger meat department. Instead, they're a healthy shade of yellow and pink, indicative of the diverse pastured diet these birds thrive on.

And because of that, you'll find that even the breast-meat is full flavored (despite the fact that it is white). You'll note a little more chew (but not objectionably so), particularly on the drumsticks and thighs, because these birds actually spend their life walking on grassy pastures as they forage, unlike their commercial confinement bird cousins, whose meat lacks body and flavor.

Josiah's poultry is: 

  • Transitional to organic (will be certified soon). 
  • Fed GMO-free 100% certified organic feed
  • Feed is Corn and Soy free
  • Raised free range on pasture where they graze their green diet component
  • Only freedom or red ranger genetics (no cornish cross!)
  • Humanely processed at Josiah's own small USDA facility