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Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef 3
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Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef
Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef

Alderspring Ranch

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef

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Alderspring's organic grass fed ground beef is a new experience in ground beef. It is ground twice for a consistent grind, dry-aged, and made only from high-quality cuts from our young beeves. The final benefit is in flavor: our grass pastures make for sweet, flavorful fat and a tender burger.

Please note the limits we have on the ground beef per customer, per order(s) shipping. 

Sold in 1-lb, individual vacuum packages. Since we have slight weight variation in each pack, we weigh out our ground to make sure you are getting your total ordered weight. Our regular grind is approximately 85% lean.

What's the deal with the "fattier" options?

Our "fattier" burger is around 75-80% lean, and brings to the table additional flavor and, we believe, the health benefits found in healthy grass fed beef fats (including omega-3 and beta-carotene). Grilled to pink, this makes for the best burger you've ever had.
Our "magnum fatty" is the lowest lean percentage we offer, at around 65-75% lean (yes, that's 30-35% fat). Glenn likes to make this in a pan as a beautifully juicy and flavorful breakfast sausage. It also serves up well on the grill as a nice tender burger!

Note!!! Beef is packed in approximately 1lb cryovak bricks. Each is slightly over a pound, so you may receive one or two fewer packages than the total pounds (eg. 28 or 29 packages for the 30 lbs.)

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