Organic Grass Fed Beef Filet Mignon 4

What makes our Filet Mignon superior?

So many filets out there in the steak world are very tender, but fairly lacking in flavor. It's why you see other filets bacon wrapped. Alderspring's organic grass fed filet mignon is tender and mild, yet still carries our signature wild mountain flavor that comes from our diverse grasses and young, highly mineralized soils.

We cut all of our grass fed filet mignons 2 1/4 inches thick. These are the thickest steaks selling on Alderspring. Steak lovers know that thick means moisture and flavor retention.

We hand shape (really, individually) each whole tenderloin after a combined dry and wet age of over 7 days. This shaping process is what ensures the lovely consistent round shape of our filet mignon. No other online beef purveyor that we know of does this. Immediately after shaping, we flash freeze to prevent cell wall damage and then bring them back to the cutting table to be cut into perfectly formed steaks.

Alderspring Ranch

Organic Grass Fed Filet Mignon Steak

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Steaks from the tenderloin, or Filet Mignon, may be the best grass-fed has to offer. Unparalleled tenderness with just the right amount of dry-aged flavor complete a vicarious journey to fragrant Pahsimeroi mountain pastures. Cut to a near 2 inch thickness and hand shaped prior to blast freezing, they sure look good on the grill and perform more evenly with the shapely care we give them. You won't be disappointed, unless we run out (which we generally do every two weeks). Limit 2 sets per order.

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