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Alderspring Ranch Regenerative Organic Grass Fed Beef Family Freezer Filler 1

Alderspring Ranch

The 3F Package (limit 2)

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One of the best bargains Alderspring has to offer, but available only occasionally in limited quantities! Limit 2 packs per order(s) shipping, please! 

Included in this pack is a selection of Alderspring certified organic and grass fed cuts from the same beef as our premium cuts, but these are ones that had slight imperfections that prevented us from selling at top value. Most of the problems are aesthetic, meaning the cut doesn't look perfect enough for our rigorous standards, but it still tastes the same! This is a great value pack for a family who just wants amazing healthy food and doesn't care if their steaks aren't perfectly shaped.

Exactly what's in this pack:
  • 5 lbs of Alderspring ground beef (may include sirloin, brisket, round, chuck, or patties).
  • 1 small roast between 2-4 lbs (may be a chuck roast, tri tip, rump roast, brisket, or eye of round). 
  • 3-4 nice steaks from the NY, Ribeye, Delmonico, and Tenderloin group. As mentioned above, these are steaks that didn’t quite make our rigorous quality standards to sell at full price. For instance, they might have a little frost in the package (not enough to impact flavor) or be cut imperfectly, or they might not have perfect marbling to be sold as premium steaks. These are still top-flavor steaks from the same beef as our regular steaks, but you get them at the highest discount we offer. 
  • Several other cuts to reach 15 lbs total: for example, stew beef, kabobs, and/or small steaks (London Broils, top sirloins, or sirloin tips). You can also let us know in the order comments if you'd like any of the following instead of these assorted steaks/stew (we can't guarantee we'll have these but we will check):
    • Our paleo cured products, like sausages, hotdogs, and sandwich meats.
    • pork (sometimes we have extra that didn't quite make the cut for full price).