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Raw Milk Sheep Cheese Pecorino Idaho 8 oz

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This raw milk sheep cheese is made in Pecorino Romano-style, a recipe that originated in Italy over 2,000 years ago. Randal and Carol's "Pecorino Idaho" version is aged a minimum of 12 months (note that the label it says 7 months, but we get it after a longer age). It has a sweet and salty, mildly sharp flavor, reminiscent of Parmesan. In Italy, they typically grate this cheese and serve it on pasta due to its salty, aromatic flavor. We enjoyed it simply sliced up on a plate.

This cheese comes straight from Randal and Carol's small Mountain Valley Farmstead near our ranch, and is handcrafted on their farm.

As this cheese can withstand freezing, we ship it frozen to you. Best thawed slowly in the fridge to maintain texture! Comes in a 8 oz vacuum-sealed package (some weight variation due to hand cutting).

Ingredients: Raw sheep milk, cultures, rennet (an enzyme that curdles milk to make cheese), salt, lipase enzyme.

These cheeses are natamycin free as well. Natamycin is a fungal (mold) inhibitor permitted worldwide in cheeses, and is often incorporated in aged European cheeses.