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Raw Milk Sheep Cheese Carmen Carrano 8 oz

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This raw milk sheep cheese is made in the style of Spain's Manchego cheese. It has a firm, yet buttery texture, and is aged a minimum of 11 months (note: the label says 6 months, but we get it aged longer) for mildly sharp flavor. Slightly less sharp than Randal and Carol's Pecorino. As a homegrown sheep cheese crafted from raw milk, this cheese is more digestible than a regular pasteurized cow milk cheese. This sheep cheese maintains texture even after freezing, so ships frozen. Thaw slowly in the fridge for best results.

One 8 oz wedge of cheese, individually packaged and vacuum sealed.

Ingredients: Raw sheep milk, cultures, rennet (an enzyme that curdles milk to make cheese), salt.

These cheeses are natamycin free as well. Natamycin is a fungal (mold) inhibitor permitted worldwide in cheeses, and is often incorporated in aged European cheeses.