Organic Grass Fed Hanging Tender Steak 12+oz

Alderspring Ranch

Organic Grass Fed Hanging Tender Steak 12+oz

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This is a very flavorful long-grained cut, and we get only one per beef! It has a very robust and rich beefy flavor, coupled with tenderness that makes it one of the best secrets in beef and a favorite among carnivores. Not for the faint of heart, however, due to that intense beef flavor and a grain direction that makes it difficult to cut right. Note: the coloring of this steak is naturally a little darker red than most other cuts.

Limit 3 per order please, due to limited availability. Each steak is 12+ oz.

Note: if you notice a price difference, rest assured the price per lb hasn't changed. We've just doubled the size of the steak, so it is now more per steak but the same price/lb.