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Alderspring Ranch

The Wild Wellness 25

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Wild Wellness. Those words speak to Alderspring's unique place in a world awash with untraceable "grass fed" beef. We wanted to put something together that you can absolutely rest assured is completely traceable (raised by us), clean (organic and 100% chemical free), and grass fed (no feedlots, ever, always on pasture).

This is a nice box of beef that offers you a little variety every month. It contains:

  • 7 lbs of our organic grass fed ground beef
  • 6 nice steaks from the NY, Filet, Ribeye, and Delmonico grouping.
  • 2 small roasts
  • An assortment of our "not so pricey" steaks, stew beef, and kabob meat to get you to 25+ lbs total.

The reason we can offer you such a great price on this little pack is that those ribeyes, New Yorks, filets, and delmonicos might not be our perfect steaks that can be sold at premium rates. We're extremely picky (more than any other online beef seller) about which steaks we sell as premium. You benefit from this in that you get the steaks that didn't quite "make the cut" but are still excellent steaks and far above typical standards for these steaks (grass fed or otherwise).

On top of the discount you get on the steaks (40% off premium prices), we've also marked the entire pack down another 5% off a la carte rates to make this one of the best deals we offer.

This is a no commitment subscription; you can cancel, pause, or modify at any time!

When will the subscription ship? We ship your first subscription the Monday after you place the order. You should receive the box within 2-4 days of that shipping day. After that, we'll regularly ship out on Monday every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks as you've selected! You can modify your deliver frequency at any time.