The 25 lb Ground Beef Subscription
The 25 lb Ground Beef Subscription
The 25 lb Ground Beef Subscription
The 25 lb Ground Beef Subscription

Alderspring Ranch

The 25 lb Ground Beef Subscription

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With this subscription, every 4 or 8 weeks (you choose) you'll receive a box of 25 lbs of ground beef.

By subscribing, you'll save 25% off our a la carte rates!

You can pause, cancel, or change the interval of your subscription at any time.

Each box includes 25 lbs of our premium grass fed 85/15 ground beef! Note that this might come in 24 packages instead of 25--sometimes each package weighs a little over a pound. 

We will always ensure that your beef weighs a minimum of 25 lbs. You'll never get less than the weight you paid for!

Our quality guarantee on these beeves: 

  • 100% grass fed and on pasture for its entire lifetime. No grain, ever!
  • Raised for its lifetime on GMO-free pastures.
  • No hormones or antibiotics, ever.
  • Humanely handled throughout its lifetime.
  • Local & source traceable. We get these beeves from neighbors we know & trust within our valley or the valley next to ours. We know and trust their practices and know the life history of each of these animals!
  • The flavor depth, tenderness, and marbling of this beef is the same as our organic grass fed.
  • Single animal traceable. Each share you get comes from 1 animal (the ground beef, too, is from 1 animal only), unless we have to replace a damaged cut with one from a different beef (see below point).
  • If there is a poor-quality cut or a popped package in your share that month, we'll replace it with one of our organic grass-fed cuts of the exact same type, quality, and weight.

Each subscription package is comprised of an actual share from a whole beef. You'll get generally the same cuts each time, but each beef varies slightly on cuts and weights.