Organic Pastured Turkey
Organic Pastured Turkey

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Organic Pastured Turkey

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1 pastured turkey from A+ Ranch, vacuum sealed and frozen. Comes in 3 different sizes (see options)! Comes with a removable giblet bag inside the inner cavity of the bird containing heart, liver, and neck. Note that the price applies to the highest weight specified in the option title. This means that if your turkey is slightly under that higher weight, we'll refund you the difference.
We're excited to offer you turkeys just in time for Christmas from our friends Mitch and Acee Lucero of A+ Ranch. These are certified organic turkeys, raised on pasture on A+ Ranch, a multispecies organic family operation near Richfield, Idaho.
We enjoyed two of these turkeys last year for Thanksgiving, and agreed that it was some of the best turkey we’d ever eaten. Now, we want to share them with you! These turkeys are raised truly free range out on open pasture. Besides the grass and insects they forage, they’re also fed a specially blended turkey ration produced by our friends from Montana Flour and Grain in Fort Benton, Montana. This blend is Certified Organic and Corn & GMO free.
  • USDA certified organic
  • Raised free range on Idaho pastures where they can roam and forage
  • Raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones
  • Corn and GMO free

Fun fact: These turkeys are also processed by J Bar Poultry. J Bar is run by Josiah Barrett, former longtime employee at Alderspring and now a longtime partner with us in the pastured poultry we sell here on our store. Josiah raises and processes his own poultry start to finish, and he also processes A+ ranch's turkeys right at his tiny USDA inspected processing facility (one of the smallest poultry plants in the US).