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Organic Grass Fed Korean Style Short Ribs 4+lbs

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If you've never tried our grass fed organic beef Korean-style short ribs (also known as flanken ribs), you're missing out. Not many know of this delightful little secret that we like to think of as "the bacon of beef."

This bone-in cut is cut super thin (1/4-1/2 inch thickness), and has some lovely grass fed fat that caramelizes beautifully. We like these best when pan-fried or grilled hot and fast with just a little salt and pepper. They're best crisped up to a dark brown exterior (don't worry about overcooking, think crispy bacon), then eaten just right off the bone.

These come vacuum-sealed in a package containing 10-20 thin sliced ribs. This is 4 lbs (about 2-3 packages. They vary by weight but we'll make sure you get 4 lbs total). Rinse lightly before cooking to remove any bone fragments.

Not sure how to cook this cut? Here's a korean-style short rib recipe!