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Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef (5 LB Packages) - COARSE GRIND

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Coarse Grind. What? Another type of ground beef? Well, not completely ground beef (this coarse grind is ground through a plate with 1 inch holes in it). This is Glenn's brainchild after learning the secret behind what used to be the best burger joint in Montana (they have since faded...sadly). These guys ground super coarse ground again, fresh, just before hand shaping the burgers before they hit the grill.

The result? The juiciest, most tender burger you'll ever have. Why? Because when you grind it yourself and carefully, gently, lovingly craft a patty out of that grind, you leave a lot of air stuck in your patty. Those air pockets fill with juices and pasture fat that, if not overcooked, remain in your burger for you to fully enjoy when you take a bite. Additional information about grinding it yourself, at home, can be found below under "Details."

We're offering it in 5 lb vacuum packs (because you might as well grind 5 lbs to make it worth your while), at a 10% savings over our regular grind.