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Lifeline Organic Pork Fat 3+lbs

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Pork fat used to be the food foundation of nations. Long before canola, soybean and corn oil, lard or fat from the humble pig provided a vehicle for everything from pies to pudding. It can be again, in this pasture-raised pork form, essentially a resurrection of pork fat the way it was for millennia. This is real pork fat, from healthy pigs, and completely different from conventional pork fat (which is what created the concept that pork fat is bad for you). This is raw fresh back fat; it needs rendering, so render away (or grill as recommended below)!

Comes in 3 lb vacuum packages, with several large chunks in each package. This is pasture-raised pork, certified organic and grown by our friends at Lifeline Farm in Montana.

One of the nicest things we do with these lovelies is strip them raw into 1 inch lengths, and place them on the grill over a hardwood smoke. Turn them as grill marks appear; then, dice up and and place in a hot dutch oven with onions and garlic; caramelize; then add soaked and mostly drained beans, maple syrup, honey and red pepper to taste. Simmer in a covered dutch next to the fire or in the oven for 3 hours, and live the bean dream with sumptuous smoked fat chunks like cowboys did in the days of old.