Alderspring Ranch Regenerative Organic Grass Fed Beef Stew Meat 1

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Loyalty Listing: Grass Fed Stew Beef, 5 lbs

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This is our grass fed stew beef, cut from the tips of steaks and roasts and perfect for hearty beef stews. We intentionally cut this from leaner cuts in order to create a stew beef that breaks down well without creating a "fatty mouthfeel" broth that some dislike.

You can also marinate these chunks for delicious kabobs for the grill, or flash fried in a stir-fry!

Since the stew beef packs from our new processor aren't exactly 1 lb, we're selling these as 5 lb bundles of 3-5 packs. Same price per pound as always!

�Note�that this cut is not certified organic�. Though it's our regular organic beef, raised on our organic pastures, and processed with organic standards, our processor is still waiting on paperwork for the official certification!

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