Alderspring Ranch Regenerative Organic Grass Fed Beef Ribeye Steak Well Marbled 1

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Loyalty Listing: Grass Fed Ribeye Steak Well Marbled

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This is ribeye at the robust level, and at only a few times a year do we finish steaks to this size. As with all of our steaks, these had to pass our rigorous test panel for flavor and tender. This is a steak that works very well for two, as there is enough flavor density to fill and satisfy.

Each steak is individually vacuum packed. A thick, well-marbled grass fed ribeye that is one of the best of Alderspring steak offerings.

�Note�that this cut is not certified organic�. Though it's our regular organic beef, raised on our organic pastures, and processed with organic standards, our processor is still waiting on paperwork for the official certification!