Organic Grass Fed Beef Hanging Tender Steak 1

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This is a very flavorful long-grained cut, and we get only one per beef! It has a very robust and rich beefy flavor, coupled with tenderness that makes it one of the best secrets in beef and a favorite among carnivores. Not for the faint of heart, however, due to that intense beef flavor and a grain direction that makes it difficult to cut right. Note: the coloring of this steak is naturally a little darker red than most other cuts.

Limit 3 per order please, due to limited availability. Each steak is 12+ oz.

Note that this cut is not certified organicThough it's our regular organic beef, raised on our organic pastures, and processed with organic standards, our processor is still waiting on paperwork for the official certification!

Note: if you notice a price difference, rest assured the price per lb hasn't changed. We've just doubled the size of the steak, so it is now more per steak but the same price/lb.