Loyalty Listing: Grass Fed Ground Beef

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Loyalty Listing: Grass Fed Ground Beef

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Alderspring's organic grass fed ground beef is a new experience in ground beef. It is ground twice for a consistent grind, dry-aged, and made only from high-quality cuts from our young beeves. The final benefit is in flavor: our grass pastures make for sweet, flavorful fat and a tender burger.

Sold in 1-lb, individual TUBE PACKAGES (different from our regular clear packages as the tubes seem to seal better). Since we have slight weight variation in each pack, we weigh out our ground to make sure you are getting your total ordered weight. This is our regular grind and approximately 85% lean.

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Note that this cut is not certified organic. Though it's our regular organic beef, raised on our organic pastures, and processed with organic standards, our processor is still waiting on paperwork for the official certification!