Organic Grass Fed Beef Flank Steak 1

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Loyalty Listing: Grass Fed Flank Steak (2.5 lbs)

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This very flavorful steak grills quickly and retains moisture, as the grain runs the length of the steak. When the flank is done, carve it in strips at an angle across the grain. Excellent grilled and then sliced for steak salad, or can be made in a beef roll.

Comes individually vacuum packed. Sold by the pound, so this is 2.5+ lbs total of steak (usually about 2 steaks, sometimes 3 depending on size).

Note that this cut is not certified organicThough it's our regular organic beef, raised on our organic pastures, and processed with organic standards, our processor is still waiting on paperwork for the official certification!

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