Alderspring 10% Share, Slightly Leaner

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Alderspring 10% Share, Slightly Leaner

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This Share represents roughly a tenth beef that originates from a 100% grass fed Alderspring steer raised on our pristine USDA certified organic Pahsimeroi Pastures. Each share beef approximately one tenth, by weight, of steer. This steer share is discounted by 5% from a la carte pricing (if you were to purchase cuts separately) simply because in purchase of a share, you save us time in inventory management! It's a win/win situation!

All share beef originates from several Alderspring steers freshly harvested 2 weeks ago, then aged for 10 days, and then blast frozen here on our ranch facilities. All were tested for tenderness and flavor, and passed with excellent results. Steaks are fairly lean, but Strip Steaks still maintain cap fat and between muscle deposition. Interior muscular fine marble is mostly absent.

Please note: These cuts have the white Alderspring label rather than the color one you may be used to. It is because in order to meet demand, we partnered with a new processor (we started with them first, over 20 years ago, and they were uninterested in organic production at that time). They are Greenfield Custom Meats in Meridian, Idaho and are now willing to walk with us down the organic road, but it will take a few more weeks until they are certified. That is why you don't yet see USDA/organic on the package.

But it will be there soon! We just can't yet put that "certified organic" sticker on the package until Greenfield's organic paperwork verification process is finished! 

Rest assured, this is still all Alderspring grass fed, organically raised beef! Greenfield is a small-scale processor that is truly artisanal and USDA inspected. Glenn personally inspected the process (yep, wearing that white coat), and tracked them to make sure that they met our strict standards.

What's included: 

Each 10% share varies a little on exactly which cuts are in it, but we do ensure that each tenth weighs a minimum of 31 lbs and that the total value (price per pound) is the same for each. In each tenth you'll find: 

1. 14-15 lbs ground beef 

2. At least 3 steaks from the New York, Tenderloin, and Ribeye trio

3. two or three 2.5-4 lb roasts (briskets, tri tips, eye of rounds, chuck roasts, or rump roasts)

4. Several steaks from the delmonico, flatiron, petite shoulder tender, and top sirloin grouping.  

5. A few not-so-fancy steaks (London broils, sirloin tips, skirt steaks, sirloin flap steaks), ribs (short ribs, back ribs), and osso bucos (the only bone we include besides ribs). 

6. No organs or bones (besides osso buco and ribs) included. These are available a la carte (unless they've been wiped out by demand)! 

Note on lot numbers and packaging: in order to be more efficient in our packaging of these, we do mix and match cuts from several beeves. Ground is in 1 lb rolls with Greenfield's logo on it, done at exactly the same time the beeves are with a lot number defining that connection (we'll get labeling printed on that case as soon as USDA approves our new Greenfield label). So be rest assured, it's all Alderspring 100% organically raised beef, as always. The only thing different is the labels.