Why the New Shipping Prices?

Due to the recent unrest in many major cities throughout the U.S., we've been dealing with a lot of delayed packages lately! UPS's entire system is very backed up right now. Last week alone almost 15% of our packages didn't make it on time, and many of those orders thawed. Our policy is to always replace thawed or defective orders (or refund if the customer prefers that). However, as a business with already very thin margins (for those wondering, agriculture is one of the lowest profit margin industries--small scale agriculture is even lower), we simply can't afford to replace 15% of orders on a weekly basis. 

Because of that, we've decided to require all orders to ship with UPS's high speed 2nd Day Air shipping, which has a much higher chance of being delivered before thawing even if there are still some delays. This is why 2nd Day Air is now the only option you see when you check out. 

This is not a permanent change. We are not trying to raise prices or overcharge you...we simply must make this temporary change in order to stay afloat as a business during some very challenging times! If you can't afford the extra cost of 2nd Day Air shipping, don't worry, we'll be going back to our usual rates once UPS's systems return to normal! 

Thank you again for your patience with us. The last couple months have been challenging times for so many people, and we're so grateful for you partners who have stuck with us through it all. Please email Kelsey at help@alderspring.com if you have any questions or problems. As always, we'll do our very best to take care of you. 

Glenn & Caryl at Alderspring