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No hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs...just clean, high-quality grass fed beef finished on our certified organic pastures. Do note these beeves aren't certified organic, but were raised and grazed alongside our certified organic beeves. We've found no difference in flavor & quality here, but there is a price difference! We save on some organic expenses with these beeves and can pass those savings on to you. These subcriptions are 25% off our a la carte rates!

Buy local by subscribing. We are only offering these subscriptions to you local customers in Idaho and Northern Utah.

Our promise to you is full transparency and integrity, always. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read the details on the beef in each box.

How your beef subscription works:

You only pay for the actual weight you receive!

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*We compared pricing here as accurately as we could! But it's actually very difficult to find the exact price per pound for many of these subscriptions! For many of these beef subscriptions, prices tend to be a vague "price per meal." We guarantee that with us, you will always know the exact price per pound you're paying and you'll only ever pay for the actual weight you get.

Our price here is lower than these other subscriptions even though our quality is higher. There are 2 reasons for these savings! (1) We save big on shipping because you're local and we give those savings to you with lower prices, and (2) our subscriptions offer more bulk than these other programs, which means you capture a bulk discount here.

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The story of your beef

We'll always be fully transparent about how we raise your beef! Here are the details on the "where & how" of the beef you'll receive in each subscription bundle!

  • Each subscription beef is from a 100% grass fed animal that has spent its lifetime on GMO-free pastures. No grain, antibiotics or hormones, ever!
  • Note these beeves are NOT certified organic. We get these cattle as calves or yearlings from a few 100% grass-fed neighbors we trust who are not certified organic.
  • After we pick a weaned calf or yearling up from our neighbor's 100% grass fed ranch, it spends the rest of its lifetime grazing our certified organic pastures alongside our organic cattle. The beef is processed by the same USDA-inspected butcher that handles all of our organic beef. There is no difference in flavor, texture, or tenderness between this 100% grass fed beef and our other grass-fed organic beef. This is beef we feel very comfortable putting on our own table (and indeed, just so you know, we would never and have never sold beef we wouldn't eat ourselves).
  • But there is a difference in cost! You save big on these bundles, in part because you've subscribed, and in part because we can pass our cost savings from not paying that organic premium on to you!
  • Lastly, when you buy one of these beef subscriptions, you're actually supporting a more local, humane, and sustainable system. These calves we purchase from our neighbors are 100% grass fed beeves...that would have been loaded on a semi and sent to a grain-finishing feedlot. Instead, they took a short trailer ride or just a walk herded by us on horseback a few miles down the road to Alderspring pastures. It may seem like a small thing, but we do believe we're providing a far better life for those calves. In subscribing, you're partnering with us to make that happen.
  • Keeping it local. In 2023, our hope is to be increasingly local with our business. We are only offering these subscriptions to you local customers in Idaho and Northern Utah in order to reduce the miles our boxes have to travel on UPS trucks.

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