The Loyalty Listing: Separate Inventory for Long-Term Partners

This is a separate inventory listing just for you loyal Alderspring customers who have stuck with us over the years. We wanted to make sure you're still taken care of even as we're flooded with new business from the ongoing COVID situation. Every week, we'll be setting aside inventory just for this page. We still expect that this listing will sell out quickly, but we'll add new inventory here every week and will ensure that only a limited number of people know about this! 

Note: this beef is processed by Greenfield, a small-scale new processor we've partnered with to produce more beef to meet recent demand. All of the inventory listed on this page is from that processor (Glenn actually personally oversaw our first round of processing with them to ensure our protocols are met). This does mean that: 1. The packaging looks a little different. Don't worry, it's still the same beef! And 2. Though everything on this page is our regular organic beef, processed with organic protocols and overseen by a USDA inspector, it doesn't have that "certified" stamp on the label because we're still waiting on paperwork with Greenfield! USDA is fast-tracking our application and Greenfield should be certified within a few weeks here. 

Thank you so much for your patience amid all this! We know many of you have had a frustrating experience trying to get beef lately, so we're hoping this makes it easier for you! If you run into any problems, just email Kelsey at