Our Choice Pack

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Our Choice Pack

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This pack is literally our choice as we manage inventory and at the same time provide you with delicious certified organic/grass fed beef at a great savings. Here’s what you’ll find in one; we'll choose variety and type:

It is 15 lbs. total and is boneless cuts only.

  • 6 lbs. of a mix of ground beef.
  • 1 pack of hot dogs or sausage. If pork is not your thing, let us know. We’ll be sure we don’t send you combined beef/pork type. You can also request no cured products and we’ll swap in something of equal value.
  • At least two steaks from the NY, ribeye, tenderloin or Delmonico family. They are likely to be imperfect, but guaranteed good!
  • Our choice from everything else, but no more than two of any one type including: sirloin steaks, skirt steaks, flatiron steaks, roasts, flank steaks, flap steaks, stew, kabobs, hanger steaks, and shoulder tender.