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The One of Each Pack

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This is our wildly popular "One of Each" pack. Why is it a favorite? Because it offers a diverse sampling of some of the best of Alderspring (including our three top steaks) at a 5% discount from our a la carte rates. This makes a great gift for your beef-loving friend or relative...or a gift to your own doorstep.

All cuts are, as always, certified organic, grass fed, and dry-aged, raised by us on our family ranch. Each cut is individually packaged and vacuum-sealed.

Included in the pack:

  • One 11-oz organic grass fed New York Strip steak
  • One 11-oz organic grass fed Ribeye steak
  • One 7-oz filet mignon
  • One flatiron steak
  • One top sirloin steak
  • One shoulder tender steak
  • One 1-lb package of our "fattier" ground beef
  • One 1-lb package of our regular ground beef

We try to be as transparent with you as possible over what you're getting! Many of our competitors don't list weights at all on package offerings like this but rather "servings." We feel that this is misleading marketing, even if it does sell more product. Though we can't give you the exact weight of each individual cut you'll get since cut weights naturally vary somewhat, we do give you the total weight of what you're getting and ensure you get the value you paid for. This package comes to a total weight of 5.6 lbs minimum.