Fast Pack, Mix and Match

Alderspring Ranch Provisions

Fast Pack, Mix and Match

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Need meat but don't want to spend your time looking through individual cuts? Like the idea of a package deal but want a little more control over what you get? This pack is for you! Mix any two of these packs to make the store minimum or maybe, one pack and some ground beef. Or, a couple nice steaks. Or...  You get the idea!

Each pack comes in at 6 lbs and is a slight discount over buying each cut individually. And of course, this is all our premium grass fed, certified organic beef (exact same stuff you'd get a la carte, except bundled for your convenience)!

Tri-tip Pack:

    1 Tri-tip roast, 1-2 Flatiron steaks, 3 packs ground beef

Brisket Pack:

    1 Brisket roast, 1-2 Top Sirloin, 1-2 Skirt Steaks

Sausage Pack:

    2 Sausage (brat, Italian, garlic, or kielbasa), 2 packs 16 oz Beef Hotdogs, 2 packs 1/2 pound patties

Chicken Pack: 

    1 whole chicken, 2-4 packs Drumsticks, 2-4 packs Thighs