The Sixteenth Beef
The Sixteenth Beef

Alderspring Ranch

The Sixteenth Beef

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This is a non-organic Black Angus 100% grass fed beef, raised to finish on Alderspring's certified organic pastures. This package is comprised of an actual sixteenth of a beef, and can provide a savings of over 20% off a la carte prices found on the webstore.

The steak photos are actual photos of a ribeye (top) and a NY strip steak from this beef. You may not get these exact steaks, but we selected these from the beef as representative of what the steaks in this beef look like.

Important: Please read this full disclosure statement regarding this beef...we want you to always know exactly what you're getting!

This steer is NON organic. Here's why: as a calf, he was raised by a non-organic mom on our neighbor Scott's ranch. Scott is not certified organic, but doesn't use hormones or antibiotics on his cattle. He also doesn't categorically spray herbicides or use fertilizer on his wild pastures and he is grass fed. We bought this steer from Scott, and he has lived on Alderspring since last spring. He's been on organic ground eating organic certified grass for nearly a year. 

This pack contains a sixteenth portion of this Alderspring grass fed beef. An actual ribeye freezer pic is shown on this page.

This is a moderate pasture-fat beef. All of it is lightly marbled and has excellent flavor.

Each 16th contains:

  • One nicely testing 16th share of beef at 8.5 on tenderness and 8.8 on flavor (this is above average for our beeves)
  • one roast 2-5 lbs avg, These are luck of the draw from brisket, rump, chuck, eye of round and tri-tip.  
  • Minimum of one ribeye & one NY strip and one tenderloin. These are all cut at a minimum thickness of 1.25 inches. All of these are leaner cuts in this particular leaner beef (steak tests still came back well within our premium parameters for tenderness and flavor). See the picture for actual ribeye and NY average samples from this particular beef. 
  • One top sirloin steak, one sirloin tip steak, one london broil (top round), one pound of stew, and one bone-in cut either short ribs, back ribs, or osso bucco.
  • One flat steak from the flap, flatiron, skirt and flank group
  • One 4.5 lb set of marrow and knuckle bones. This is optional. If you DON'T desire bones, mention it in your comments and Kelsey will refund your order by $39.
  • Check out our Meathacker blog here for how to cook each of these cuts if you get worried about the 'how.'
  • total beef weight is a minimum of 27 lbs, with 10 lbs of ground beef and the balance the above. 
  • Ground beef is moderately fatty, with an excellently flavored pasture fat.
  • NO organ meats in this beef.
  • Some of will note a few organically labeled steaks in your box. These all tested to equal or better quality than the white-labeled beef. They were put in to balance quantities, as no beef splits into perfect 16ths!

Price with bones: $260. That's 20% less than a la carte pricing off the webstore. 

Price without bones: $221. If you prefer NOT getting bones, please place a comment on your order so Kelsey can get your $39 refund to you, and we will not include those in your order! Note we will still include one bone in cut of either osso buco, back ribs, short ribs, etc. This is just the 5 lb marrow/knuckle bones.