Organic Beef and Pastured Pork Breakfast Sausage, Uncased

Alderspring Ranch

Organic Beef and Pastured Pork Breakfast Sausage, Uncased

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Glenn, Ethan, and our sausage experts, Dewey and Jason, recently dreamed this idea up. We've made a 50/50 combination of Ethan and Abby's pastured pork fat (raised right here on Alderspring), and Alderspring ground beef to create what we believe is the perfect breakfast sausage: it has the flavor complexity of beef with the sweetness of pork.

Just shape into mini burgers, pan-fry, and serve with some eggs for breakfast revolutionized. Note: This product has our original simple white labels on it (sans Alderspring logo). This is because Abby and Ethan's pork is not yet certified organic, so we can't use the Alderspring label because it contains the word "organic." The ground beef included is our regular, certified organic grass fed ground, and the pork was raised right here on Alderspring's organic pastures. 16 oz. pack, loose cased.

Ingredients: Pork fat, ground beef, salt, garlic, black pepper, and honey.