Gift Card by Kaye York: Feeding Hay With Blondies

What makes our New York Strip Steak superior?

Unlike its wild cousin, the ribeye, the NY strip is not segmented into different sections of varied tenderness and flavor. It is the same across the whole steak.

Our grass fed New York Strip Steaks are the thickest cut we offer, other than filet mignon. It is because that nice fat rind serves as the structural bastion for the steak. This allows true steak aficionados to perfect a nice caramelized steak crust with a beautifully pink interior.

Each grass fed steak we sell has a nice layer of rind fat. Not only does that protect the nicest part of the steak from drying, it also caramelizes to add an extra bit of goodness for the fat lover. Folks who like lean just trim that back before eating, uncovering the best part of the steak with moisture maintained. Our unique aging protocol ensures that cooler funk, the nasty off flavor found in most NY strip rind fat, is nonexistent!

We test one of our grass fed new york steaks from every beef we sell online. This means that you order a known quantity when ordering from Alderspring. We actually pull steaks from our program that don't make the grade.

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Gift Card by Kaye York: Feeding Hay With Blondies

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This card looks like many a winter day at Alderspring, even with the dogs on board.

Card is blank inside (we'll be glad to put your message in it).