Grass Fed Sixteenth with Sirloin and Flank
Grass Fed Sixteenth with Sirloin and Flank
Grass Fed Sixteenth with Sirloin and Flank
Grass Fed Sixteenth with Sirloin and Flank

Alderspring Ranch

Grass Fed Sixteenth with Sirloin and Flank

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This is a 100% grass fed beef from Alderspring's wild certified organic pastures. This package is comprised of an actual sixteenth of a beef, and can provide a savings of over 15% off a la carte prices found on the webstore. 

Full Disclosure Statement: This particular steer was purchased from one of our valley neighbors as a calf. It is not certified organic, but hormone/antibiotic free, and lived for the past year on Alderspring's certified organic pastures.

Because this steer is not certified organic, you get a pretty steep discount of 25% off from a la carte webstore rates for buying in bulk!

All beef in your 16th comes frozen and individually vacuum-packaged.

We've recently changed our 16ths to allow you greater selection of the cuts you'll be getting in your 16th. If you go to the main 16ths page, you can see all available options!

All Sixteenths Come With the Following (weights are given for all the mixed cuts together (excluding bones) and the total weight of ground beef in the listing above):

  • 3-5 lbs of bones (if you don't want bones, let us know in your order comments and we'll refund you $25 and leave these out!) 
  • 3-4 nice steaks that are either New Yorks, Tenderloins, Delmonicos, or Ribeyes. We'll try to give you a mix of these in your box!
  • 10-13 lbs of ground beef
  • 1 lb of stew beef

    These 16ths (minus bones) show actual weights for mixed cuts and ground beef in the boxes above.

      Then this option for the sirloin and flank sixteenth comes with

      • 1 flank steak
      • at least 3 top sirloin steaks!

      These steaks are both great on the grill, or quickly pan-fried. 

      NO organ meats included in any 16ths! 

      Check out our Meathacker blog here for how to cook each of these cuts if you get worried about the 'how!