Raw Milk Sheep Cheese Carmen Carrano Basque Style

Mountain Valley Farmstead

Raw Milk Sheep Cheese Carmen Carrano Basque Style

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Ready just in time for the holidays, this raw milk sheep cheese is made in the style of Spain's Manchego cheese. The "basque" style element comes in with a light seasoning (ingredients below).

This cheese has a firm, yet buttery texture, and is aged a minimum of 3 months for a smooth and mildly sharp flavor. Slightly less sharp than Randal and Carol's Pecorino. As a homegrown sheep cheese crafted from raw milk, this cheese is more digestible than a regular pasteurized cow milk cheese. This sheep cheese maintains texture even after freezing, so ships frozen. Thaw slowly in the fridge for best results. 

One 8 oz wedge of cheese, individually packaged and vacuum sealed.

Ingredients: Raw sheep milk, cultures, rennet (an enzyme that curdles milk to make cheese), salt, olive oil, pepper, garlic, onion, basil, paprika, other spices. 

These cheeses are natamycin free as well. Natamycin is a fungal (mold) inhibitor permitted worldwide in cheeses, and is often incorporated in aged European cheeses.

Grown and produced by Randall and Carol at Mountain Valley Farmstead in Idaho.