Alderspring Ranch Mercantile

All of the leather products on this page are handmade by our son-in-law and resident leather artisan, Ethan Kelly. This is gear that we use in daily work and life on the ranch, that now you can use too. Ethan handcrafts each item and uses only real full-grain leather (most typical "leather" you see is actually made from leather fibers "bonded" together and as a result lacks the texture, durability, and quality found in real leather). In Ethan's leather gear, you can see a clear difference in both the quality of the leather and the workmanship. All products are backed by Ethan's 10-year guarantee. 

Please note: Ethan doesn't have finished products in stock, but handcrafts each item according to your specifications. Because of that, each leather item takes between 2-4 weeks to ship.